Where to play poker

Deciding where to play poker is a one of the most important parts of basic poker strategy. Many times it will make the difference of winning or losing. As a professional I spent most of my spare time thinking about where I would play next. Or whether to change my current choice for another. One thing I often did was vary where I played with the following in mind. I didnt want to get to well known in one location. To avoid costs related to traveling. But most important of all were

  • What type of games would I find somewhere else?
  • How often would they be available?
  • Who would be playing in them? 
  • and more

When Online poker became popular I had to adopt new strategies into my thinking. Where are the best bonuses?  How long will they take to earn? Is the game selection better somewhere else and could I profit more even without the bonus? Do they have the game I want? Will I be able to play enough tables at once? And so on.

There are just examples of my thinking that I want you to apply to your own poker strategy when deciding where to play.

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