Poker Strategy on which poker game to play

The best way to be good at something is doing what you enjoy. Putting yourself in a game that you are comfortable with and fits your playing style is also must.

If you love to bluff then focus on games where this type of poker strategy is most useful. Maybe you love to catch a bluffer. Study how to slow play and trap opponents. Or induce bluffs. No limit is good for both. But fairly stressful. Only you can decide which poker game is right for you. 

If you want to relax maybe try a game of limit texas holdem poker. For a real challenge no limit tournaments are the best. It all comes down to choosing a game you enjoy, are comfortable with, and good at.

From my own personal experience and watching many otherwise good players fail. I have concluded that it is smart poker strategy to learn and dominate one type of game at a time. I can remember a couple friends of mine who started playing online poker. That were very good players. They would have many tables going at once. 

  • sit-n-go tournament
  • multi-table tournament
  • six handed cash game
  • nine handed cash games
  • no limit & limit games

Needless to say I watched them both lose over and over.

There is nothing wrong however with learning other types of poker games. I would just strongly suggest practicing them for play money first. Learning more than one type of game opens up your ability and helps you learn new things. Plus it's a great way to be able to adapt when you find yourself in a casino with multiple types of games. Then you can look for the best juiciest game of all that you are best at or looks to offer the best win rate. Just remember to take into account. The fundamental poker strategies that go along with the decision process.

Who will I be playing

How will they play

When should I play

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