Who to Play Poker Strategy

You can actually chose who to play poker against. Doing this correctly is part of basic poker strategy. We need to know how they play as one of the top considerations. All the information gathered is crucial to draw your final conclusions on a rival poker player.

Not everything below is exactly how to determine information. I am showing you the basic ideas and it is up to you to build on these ideas when you evaluate another player. There are just going to be to many to list. So I have given you an overview of the thinking process. In order to figure that out as best we can, first go over the following. Then conclude on their overall ability, playing style or skill level. Use them all together.

  • Who do they usually play against or like to play against? This will give you information on their playing style. If you know they play against loose players they might play tight and wait for hands. If they are usually playing against tight players they may play loose and be very capable of trying bluffs on you.
  • Why are they playing? For entertainment, a challenge, or to win money? The last two types will often go on tilt more often than the player playing just for entertainment. Who disregards winning or losing. The competitive types often get rattled when a lucky player nails them. Opponents looking to win for money will get turned on edge by losing in general and lucky players.
  • Where do they usually play? This information can be used either to play poker games with them more often or avoid them in the future. Either because you enjoy or don't enjoy their company, skill, playing style and so on. And may give you insight to their overall skill levels too.
  • What do they play? Maybe during a cash game you spot a player that mostly plays in tournaments. This player may have more of a survival style and be easier to bluff or steal blinds. Or a player that plays cash games and is now in a tournament may be the other way.
  • How do they play? Now that we have all that information above we can observe the player in action. Being better able to determine how they play. How well or poorly they play poker. Whether or not this is how they usually play and so on.

Think for yourself and adapt

There will be times when you need to adapt. For example myself as a professional when a woman at the table starts batting her eyelashes at me and asking how old I am. Telling me she is bored and would like to see a movie. I could see this is not gonna help me. As she is totally hot and I am going to be distracted from my game. And may influence my play.

If she is playing conservative I may play too conservative in order to retain her approval. Or think I need to play looser if she does. I have actually gotten up and changed tables before to avoid traps like this. As I was there to pay bills. Even when I have found myself single I have done the same thing. Thinking with the money I win today I will go to the club tonight where there will be fifty available women instead of just this one trying to flirt with me probably just to get my money.

Know your opponents by reading the books they have

It's important to read books on poker strategy because you need to know what strategies your opponents may using or have learned. Even if you do not use the strategies detailed in the books you can use the info to know your opponents thinking and that is a benefit to say the least.

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