The Why in Poker Strategy

Sometimes when I am sitting in a game I just ask myself  Why am I playing this particular game? I want to make sure it is the best game available to me at that moment. And make sure I am not just in the game because

  • I am losing and want my money back.
  • To satisfy some personal vendetta or grudge against a player that irritates me.
  • Or because I am to lazy to look for a better game.

Another great habbit I made was when I doubted myself after playing a hand I would ask

  • Why did I play that hand?
  • Because it had value?
  • To be tricky and mix it up?

or was it because

  • I am losing and want to win my money back and playing bad?
  • I am doing it because it's fun?
  • to not upset others for playing too tight?
  • or some other reason that is a no-no...?

I still ask myself these questions along with others. Just ask yourself the questions that are important to you. These are just the questions I would ask myself.

Playing Poker for Entertainment

Before I ever played poker I was a professional gambler. So when I did start playing poker it was all about the money. I did play times just for fun too. But when I did I played the free money games. It was a chance for me to just blow off steam and try other poker games that what I usually played. Which was Texas Holdem.

My point of all this is you are gonna have to decide why you are playing on your own. I played professionally and can't comment too much on the entertainment it seems to provide so many others. Especially when it involves actually risking & wagering money.

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