Winning players this is for you.

If you are currently a winning player showing a consistent profit playing texas holdem An important thought I would like to share is that you may not want to change anything. There is a chance you can make an improvement to your gaming style. But could that cause you trouble someplace else. 

Let's look at an example. 

I commonly make a loose call on the river knowing it by itself is a slight losing move or negative E.V.. Many advanced players ridicule my strategy saying I need improvement. I think further ahead than them possibly and know my loose call is correct in the long run.

  • I may be wrong 9 in 10 times but the one time it is correct I about break even.
  • It stops me from being potentially bluffed in the future by this and other opponents. By letting them know I will call with a medium strength hand.
  • If I fold there I may spend the next hour or more contemplating whether I was bluffed or not therefore distracting me and negatively affecting my game.
  • It may make me appear to be a weak or bad player to others. Which in my opinion is to my advantage.
  • It also makes the players at the table constantly making bad calls look not so stupid since the pro does it.
  • And of course it gives me allot of information about that particular player for future use.

There are probably other reasons I can come up with that make the play correct for me. Just those I have mentioned are enough for me to continue using it, since In the long run or big picture it is a positive play giving me a tactical advantage. Even though appearing to most as a bad play.

So the point I want you to consider is what improvements can you make without negatively effecting your over all game. Winning at Texas Holdem is rare in the real money games. Because of the rake involved. So if you are a winning player over a long period of time I want to tell you to be careful changing anything. 

Imagine if there was a machine that made money. And almost nobody could get it to work. Then you got it working. Would you really want to mess with it? That is all I am trying to say on this page. Try to improve. Just be careful to make sure something is actually going to improve your game. Just because it helped someone else, doesn't necessarily mean it will help your particular style of play. And only you know what that is.

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